ancient olive trees

Ancient Olive Trees ( Αρχαίες Ελιές; Asırlık Zeytin Ağaçları)

Fourth trail in Cyprus

Trek:  From Astromeritis to Kapouti & Ancient Olive Trees (Greek:  Καπούτι & Αρχαίες Ελίες, Turkish: Kalkanlı & Asırlık Zeytin Ağaçları)

Date: 24th of September

Duration: 11 hours

Distance: 29km


Track (24/9/13 7:21:29π.μ.)



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In Astromeritis (Αστρομερίτης)  I had some breakfast with Mr. Andreas who offered me shelter the other night. Mr Andreas has created a place for weddings, baptisms and conferences and for various events on the hill top of the area Pano Koutrafas. He named it Ktima Chrystilia / Κτήμα Χρυστίλια (after the names of his two loving daughters Chrystalla and Iliana). Chrystilia is a new venue for events such as engagement parties, weddings, baptisms, birthday etc. Their advertisement is in fb under this link : Ktima Chrystilia and below Mr. Andreas proudly standing before his beautiful place. Don't miss it if you need a venue that overlooks all of the Northern part of the island of Cyprus. Phone 99 683177. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As for information and galleries related to the village Astromeritis, the last station before someone enters the Northern part of the Green line, please click on the image to be transfered to the page of the village.





Zodia (Greek: Ζώδεια, Turkish: Bostancı / Latin spellings include Zodia and Zodhia)


Morphou (Greek: Μόρφου; Turkish: Omorfo or Güzelyurt  and visited the Museum the Monastery and the Mosque; click the image to get to the page and galleries the city and museum)

In Morphou


Toumba tou Skourou (Τουμπα του Σκουρού) (visiting the prehistoric settlement)

Toumba tou Skourou


Kapouti & Ancient Olive Trees (Greek:  Καπούτι & Αρχαίες Ελίες, Turkish: Kalkanlı & Asırlık Zeytin Ağaçları) and return to Kapouti

Ancient Olive Trees


Stayed over by the painter Semra Bayhanli.


Odoiporiko / Third Day / Fifth Day




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