About Rebecca

Someone who cherishes the blessings of the simple things, living in a rural area, family, friends and long walks through the woods behind her home. Writer, photographer, painter, someone who seeks out beauty in the small, the unusual, the ordinary all the while appreciating the grander scheme of things around her.

A writer since she was able to string words together and make a coherent sentence she contributed to the Gastonia Gazette's Carolina Voices column for years. Currently her columns can be found in the weekly What's Up Shopper as well as various places online. An inspirational poet at heart when she isn't sharing her many adventures on the rural Dirt Road she resides on she is sharing the poetic words of her heart, seeking to encourage and uplift. 

She is a member of the elite 91. Blessed with the opportunity to contribute to another work of the heart along with 90 others known as angels. A journal that is currently being transported cross country by one of the angels to hand deliver it to the next angel scheduled to spill their love and artristry onto their alloted pages. Rebecca knew the moment the Diary of Angels was placed in her hands she was holding something special and it was a very real honor to be able to add her contribution to its pages.


Notes From Mary

I became aware of Rebecca first through her photography. I do not remember who recommended her to me, but was delighted with what I found. Later I would also know her poetry. She was the first photographer I featured on Legacy Writers of Harmony Pub when I started Poetic Ramblings and was a lone host. We became friends and I was so excited I would get to meet this talented artist and see the Dirt Road for myself. Rebecca is as southern as sweet tea, cool and refreshing on a hot summers day. Her faith surrounds her like a subtle scent. It shows in all she does but is not overpowering or oppressive. The area she takes most of her photos is just a small stretch of road that passes in front of her home and that of her parents, but through her lens it becomes a whole new world to those of us who see it through her photographs. She can make nature jump out at you from those photos in the most intriguing way. She is a cancer survivor, but this has made her love of life and her faith only stronger. 

Francis and I had the privilege of joining her for a Sunday Service at her church, and it was delightful. The church is 107 years old, with a very friendly congregation. Later that day, we sat upon her front porch and just talked and sipped iced tea. I am not sure what was more refreshing the tea or Rebecca. She glows with a love that shines from her like a beacon. If you wish to be inspired, read her books, look at her photography or read her poetry. For this artist is a living breathing inspiration to us all.


Rebecca's Galleries

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An author of three books; Blessed and Blessed in His Promises- books of inspirational poetry and The Legend of Dragon's Doom a Young Warrior's Vow- a young adult novel. Rebecca is currently working on a collection of her past columns and other essays to be published soon.

A Poem by Rebecca  


For the Joy


There is within my heart, a peace

when I seek You

when I make the time, to put all other things aside

and seek only You

allow you, to fill my thoughts

to take that moment, when nothing else interrupts,

and make it Yours

what a special time that is

to feel You, with me, so very close with me

walking as I walk, in this place You have created

my heart trembles at Your presence

tears fill my eyes, not of sadness but of such great joy

How oh how I love You Lord

I have felt You with me, in the darkest of storms

lighting my path,. guiding my every step

You have remained by my side, keeping me safe

as I keep my eyes on You, always on You

knowing, You are here

when the sun shines, its warmth and light glorious

it can not reach Your light

even as I stand in its light, looking at the blessings around me

Your presence outshines even it

Your peace, floods my very soul, washing away all that is not You

My heart and soul trembles in Your presence

excitement flows into my being

when You move, so close

taking me by the hand to walk with You

taking my heart, cleansing it of worries and fears

filling it only with Your comfort

there is within me Lord, a great peace

in the knowing of You

in having a relationship with You

You have brought me to this place, where to know You

is to know joy with no boundaries

to know You, is to feel peace that has no end

flowing in like the tide, washing over me as the tide washes the sand

taking away the earthly things, bringing back into their place Your peace

Your merciful, healing, calming peace.

How I love You Lord, for what You have done

and continue to do, for me.

I know, in my heart I know, Your forgiveness

I know where I have stumbled and fallen short

I know, where my darkness began

more importantly, I know

where Your forgiveness began, where You took my life and washed over me

cleansing this person, cleansing away the sin stains

making me Yours, making me clean

how I do love You Lord

for this love You give to me

for this peace, for the joy Lord

for the joy

of You.




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