• Crying Soul

    Crying Soul

  • eskimo girl

    eskimo girl

  • this is how i feel today

    this is how i feel today

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  • Allie the Adventurer

    Allie the Adventurer

  • Angelic Window Pane

    Angelic Window Pane

  • Crying Soul

    Crying Soul

  • eskimo girl

    eskimo girl

  • Ethereal-Flowers


  • high rise

    high rise

  • Marsh-Shine


  • Mediterranean Storm Brewing

    Mediterranean Storm Brewing

  • Parisian Cotton Candy and Teddy Bears

    Parisian Cotton Candy and Teddy Bears

  • playing with charcoal

    playing with charcoal

  • this is how i feel today

    this is how i feel today

  • Vaulting


  • Water Beads

    Water Beads

  • Wheel of Destiny

    Wheel of Destiny

  • Wild Moon Flowers

    Wild Moon Flowers






Message from Caryn

My biography remains unwritten, as I am. Titles are but temporary, however poetry, writing and music, amongst how one chooses to live this life, is art. This is the spirit today, as I think, in my heart. Albeit the destiny of my words, have found themselves, from time to time lost. Saddened by “the missing pieces” within the realization, all is but transitory. I see with faith essential for one just may be surprised to find and angel, sharing enlightenment of heart and mind. Within a golden web sheer tapestry is thread, through time. I thank all love and light along the way that helps renew the knowing. Of metamorphosis eternal, touching but one helps create the everlasting. 

The Diary of an Angel has become manifest due to Halkios’s idea birthing inspiration. To travel, through a true world wide web, of artistic pulsations, heart to heart. One destination to another carried by special messengers and mail. I am only grateful to have met Halkios. (Albeit online, for the moment) To be invited into his dream as it becomes a whole, reality by the “pieces” of many, to be shared by all.


Her Art Gallery



Her Poem about Love...


Physics “be” 


Who qualified reality? Who decided dream?

Just for a breath “be” this forever dance

In timeless motion 

Of symbols created…to explain


I’d like to experiment so excuse me why

I jumble notions round, understanding

This earthly walk know love

As adventure found lessons chose


Here, the invisible line, right before your eye

Spirit field feel…excuse me why

I part the divide to have a float on the ether side

Miniscule bubbles to ride champagne dreams


Dizzy within the vortex hugged

Warmth round translucent wings

Momentary oneness at peace

All is energy, molecular physics “be”


This is rest this in-between

Pray for heal this sensory shield

For the “reality” equal force most “dream”

Weighted heavy by future scenes


In need…have balance “be”


© All rights reserved to the  poetry and writings by Caryn Talyosef aka Black Widow


Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.