blue dream

Blue Dream is a 68 minute single piece of music composed by Fiona Joy Hawkins.

Produced by Grammy winner Will Ackerman (Founder of Windham Hill Records) at his Imaginary Road Studios.


"BLUE DREAM began as the most ambitious project of my entire career and resulted in one of the most remarkable collaborations this genre has ever known."

Will Ackerman (Founder Windham Hill Records). Featuring guest performance by Luka Bloom.


Tracks in the Album

01. Freedom
02. Feeling Sunshine
03. From the Outside
04. Sapphire Interlude
05. Standing Up
06. Cerulean Interlude
07. Blue Dream
08. Lilac Interlude
09. Contemplating
10. Sunrise at Ularu
11. Samite's Interlude
12. Song Phonique
13. Indigo Dream Interlude
14. The Void
15. Turquoise Interlude
16. Voice of Angels
17. Cobalt Interlude
18. Prelude to a Painting
19. The Midnight Interlude
20. Moving On
21. Azure Interlude
22. Somewhere


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