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Message from Jessie

I was born, raised and I still live in Rensselaer County, New York now with my husband and son. Growing up I felt lost until I discovered relaxing in nature, drawing sketches and writing poetry. I was able to get outside of myself and let creativity flow whenever I sat outside listening to water flowing and birds chirping. Night time I would listen to the bullfrogs and crickets and stare at an amazing sky full of stars. Since then, writing has been my way to release anything that may be overwhelming me whether good or bad. Since my son was born in April 2010 I have been writing less for the public and more in a diary for my son when I can find the time-sometimes poetic, sometimes silly things he does, and sometimes just how amazing I think he is. The day he was born began a new chapter in my life with my inspirations always changing.

I met Kypros (aka Halkios) on MySpace on the 5th April 2007. I started a group called Soul Writers to find people that wrote for their own catharsis, rather than to be number one for the most popular blogs. When Kyp joined, I was amazed by him. I was very selective in regards to which I would be friends with on MySpace, and apparently so was he since I was his first friend. Our friendship flourished from there.

When I began reading his work, his writing touched my soul and made my heart race. He had a flame in his heart that just couldn't be tamed and he wrote with originality that drugged me. I looked forward to going online everyday to read what his soul poured out to the world. Writers in the group joined the addiction of his writing and then their friends and so on. As the Soul Writer group died out, Kyp kept on shining and continued bringing writers and artists together. His flame has never died out and will always warm all who come across him.

The Diary of an Angel is an amazing collaboration of writers from all over the world, and I am excited that I have been asked to be a part of it. The organization of this project amazes me.

On a chilly November New York day with my infant son in arms I met Francis, Mary and Kat. I was so excited seeing the Thunderbus roll in the parking lot about to meet these angels that were sent to me. We met over coffee and talked like we were family. I handed my son over to my new family and he felt the same calm as I did and he gave them all smiles of acceptance and then giggles of joy. I was handed the diary to enter my submission and it was magical just holding it. I opened the diary and it was like each angel was speaking to me. I looked at who had written before me and saw my online friend Gianni had and I was so excited-people in the cyber world were becoming real. Writing in it was so special knowing a piece of me will go wherever the book goes and others could get the same intensity that I felt at that moment. I still think about that day from time to time and the three angels that flew in to my life and the travels the diary has made. Each angel that holds the diary leaves a special part of themselves with it and I feel blessed to be a part of it.


Notes from Halkios

Jessie is The Friend. She represents all friends of present, past and future. The ones who enter your life unexpectedly and never leave. She has been my very first friend in MySpace and I owe her my presence and my stance into that new (virtual) world that now shares the same love with the real; the one she offered me sending that message that touched my poetic heart. Five years later I returned back the love in those blank pages years that proclaimed the bond of Friendship to our fellowship that was about to develop in the edges of a lost and forgotten City in the fringes of our time.  


 Her Poem about Love

Words Embraced

Of all the loves I have had
my true flame is words ...
I can release all emotions
on each accepting page
which embraces all feelings
never judging me
or looking away
and caresses my mind.
Plentiful ways to express
what lies deep within
and what lives
in the depths of my soul.
Each word
is mine alone
my treasure,
my essence,
my passion.

© 2007-2013 Jessie


© All rights reserved to the poetry and writings of  Jessica Sicko Ginter aka Jessie




Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.