"The Friend,

The Messenger,

The Lover

and Myself"


It was February 2004, when I came across a beautiful painting, hanging on the wall my new roommate's house, my home for almost a year and a half. CIMG1077img-largeThe piece was bought by his mother at an auction in Italy in the 60's. Its real origin is unknown, as is the artist who painted it. A lot of influences are evident within it including local Peruvian art and it was probably imported to Europe from Peru. A year later, my roommate gifted me the Painting. He told me to keep it safe. He was convinced that it would inspire me and give me hope for the future and for my new life; I was about to move to Munich that autumn. Sitting on a chair under the painting, making notes for my personal diary on a table made by Eileen Gray *, I made an anagram of her name. Eileen Gray was the [anGEl eyrie], the nest of a messenger. All together, the painting, the table, the chair and my diary, became all an Idea. It housed my thoughts, my expression, my Memories and Dreams throughout the years to come; my nest. 









The features of the painting created a lot of questions. I needed to study numerology in depth, which I understand, as the spiritual counterpart of numbers. Meanwhile I had to accept symbolism, as a way people communicate art, history and power through time. 


A burned canvas in a frame,

an angel rapt lost in the ages,

over an Eileen Gray’s table.

2005 09 25

The Angel's Nest 


the anagram of her [anGEl’s eyrie],

became the Angel’s nest.


I believe that "Time is a feeling, not a dimension" and devoid of "Time", I started to experiment with photography and taking pictures of anything that had symbols and a perpetual meaning in it. By the end of the year, I made my first attempt to create an artistic slide show. Munich's ambiance, in the deep winter, was the best place to start one.


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I took with me the frame,

along with its forgotten fame,

and a bunch of scattered notes,

with my neverpublished quotes.

2006 01 26

The Painting


and said,

  “Love is not a secret

 but the secret is to love...”


I left Munich in the winter of 2006, to find a shelter in a new home and nested with my parents in Athens. The delicate thread of inspiration, that I kept hidden for years, started gradually to emerge, took the shape of a spherical structure, both abstract and concrete, and surrounded me.

slideeclipse014Protective and seductive, past and future images of myself, mind and body, were projected onto the structure's inner walls. Constantly and rapidly reviewing, these replayed, were edited, subtracted from and appended to, making the implausible, conceivable and authenticating the verse that evolved.

I begun to write poetry with the Great Eclipse observed on March 29 of 2006, with my first poem called The Prince of the Moon. I wrote  three stories The Story of Heart, The Story of an Angel and the Story of the Anchor, representing Love, Faith and Hope respectively all leading to one, The Story of the Ring.  Their heroes were The Friend, The Messenger, The Lover and Myself all leading to one creature both Angel and Man. And one day, with a heavy rainfall that lasted two minutes, it came to me. Like rain brings life in all things,  it brought me the idea to write a book about Life with four parts, all leading to one. I called it then The Bible of Life.


It all begun with a rainfall,

heavy drops of rain,

Memories of fall

and reveries of pain

2006 06 02

The Bible of Life  



“it is my past that writes this journal;

a journal that writes my future

and when the time halts for a while,

my present lasts for a eternity...”


It was time to give myself a gift. And that was to place my favorite symbols on my skin. It was a old school tattoo with symbols of freedom, of hope, faith, love and choice, symbols of balance and retribution.
slidetattoo010Their combination though, meant much more, giving details of my origin, and the meaning of my name. Carving the symbols on me on the 27th of May, 2006, I made a bond between me and the Painting and I decided to give the world its story. Birds are the Choice (One holds the banner, the other releases); Serpent as a Rope  is Wisdom and Anchor is Hope (The Cross of Venus, the Deity, her Land and my name); Heart is Love and the Ring is Unity; the Colors are 4 for 4 elements.


When two years later I introduced the Diary of an Angel, the same combination of symbols was carved also on its "skin". A leather cover was sent by one of my best friends; the body for the universal spirit of an entity, both Angel and Man. The creature depicted on the painting.slidewallssymbolsathens014


And very soon, the creature would seek for a new home. Moving to an apartment next door, I found the space and the time to recollect all those thoughts and with those thoughts I built upon them a tangible nest. While secluded in silence and invisibility, the house evolved into the home of a creature, of an entity, both the hero and the narrator of a vivid and vibrant fairytale. On these walls I projected my Memories and Dreams. These walls protected the nest from the predators of the real world. My insane world kept me sane. At the same time I started creating wall art with paint, paper and wood on my house walls. The Walls of Creation

Less than a year later, on the 5th of April, 2007 I entered Old MySpace and threw in my first blog, with title the Angel's Nest.

I made friends and joined a group called Soul Writers which was created by my very first MySpace friend, the poet Jessie and later on I met the first eight poets Lady ~M~, Gianni, Vicky, Themis from United States, Daffy, and Neil from England and Australian Prince from Australia.

slidethegoldencity0060 At this point I knew none of their real names, nor the personalities behind the Avatars and the Nicknames; though, the charm of their work, drew me into their realms and their concepts on life and their rich spirit inspired me to write even more. On the same month I started working night shifts as a receptionist in a hotel in the centre of Athens, called the Golden City. I started writing a series of stories called The tales of the Golden City, which they were inspired merely from the different people I observed and talked to, during 364 night shifts. And then the concept of the City of Gold was created; a place, a story; an imaginary world, which was about to "accommodate" earthly angels with a common aspiration for a more loving and peaceful world.

For those outside, I was bared and vulnerable, an easy prey, but within I was growing stronger. Determined to protect the nest itself, refurbishing it from the inside, establishing it in a realm between dream and reality, I pursued safely and with anticipation and progressed the ways to guard the hero from those predators, who lived beyond, in the land I identified as the Land of the Fallen, the everything else but a city of mystery, that dwelled beyond the boundaries of the physical world, a city I named:

 The City of Gold



* Kathleen Eileen Morray Grey (August 9, 1878 – October 31, 1976)  an Irish furniture designer and architect a pioneer of her age and the Modern movement in architecture



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