Celestial Reasoning ft. Jairamji, Halkios






Celestial Reasoning

(Album Kindred Spirits)




Celestial Reasoning (Part I)

"I Am" by Halkios 

"Faded Memories" by Halkios

"I Am Love" by Halkios 


Celestial Reasoning (Part II)

"I Am Love" by Cheryl Ann Darr 



Celestial Reasoning ft. Halkios, Cheryl Ann Darr


I am a traveler

a seeker of Life and of True Love

and I have traveled the World to find Love


I haven't got a face,

I am only a Thought

 and it's the thought that counts,

 when it counts

from five and one to hold;

 that holds the Thought,

of who I am:

Five rays around a circle,

that brightens the darken

 of who I was.


Faded Memories

of old beginnings

of past hopes

of desire;

often I call;

fabled I follow.


Lucid dreams in new endings

in future's Love

infinite into,

I fall.



I know,

I incline, I am able,

 lost and found.


Incessant and unpleasant,

but yet profound 

to be

a cradle,

that holds my brethren

of the never blessed 

and those who never confessed.


I can love for the things you pass

I am strong to surrender

and weak to pretend.


I said the rest

which also now left,

my truth as my vengeance.

- while Love now is strong-


The arrow has spoken

emerged from the abyss,

sheared through the clouds

straight to Heaven's Heart.


The Golden City is now a Memory

the angel now knows,

deep in the Exile's grounds

going down in flames

or rising from the depths,


where the universe

has no up or down

left or right...

so I am the only one left

 to redress...


And Love is splendor

as I am judged by the Cover

I have no other beneath;

my emotion is tender

my Love is pure.


I seek for the moment

when Life begins.


here is Love!

I am Love!


here is Love!

I am Love!


here is Love!

I am Love!


by Halkios


Celestial reasoning (end of Part I)


Part II


Lost am I and floating through time,

eons pass in a blink of an eye;

seeking am I that perfect source

in beginnings that never die.


In the ethereal mists I hear your voice,

in breathless whispers that caress my soul.

Breathing those sacred words into forever...


Here is love.... I am love...

Here is love.... I am love...

Here is love.... I am love...


by ~M~ Legacy Writer


Celestial reasoning (end of Part II)









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