• Stacy Foster and The Diary of an Angel (2)

    Stacy Foster and The Diary of an Angel (2)

  • Stacy Foster and The Diary of an Angel

    Stacy Foster and The Diary of an Angel

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  • captured silhouttes

    captured silhouttes

  • etheral erotica

    etheral erotica

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  • Quill\'s Metamorphosis

    Quill\'s Metamorphosis

  • Stacy Foster (2)

    Stacy Foster (2)






About Stacy

Stacy A. Foster, author of Quill's Metamorphosis and Captured Silhouettes, was born in the Spring of 1971. She grew up in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, a Detroit suburb. As a child, she wrote stories and poems; beginning at age eight, she wrote a series of soap operas featuring her Elementary School friends. Foster graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Broadcasting and she lives with her daughter in Northern Virginia. Given that Stacy A. Foster's writing touches upon a variety of themes and emotions, readers often assume that her work is autobiographical. "Some pieces are fictional," she shares. "I'm a woman with diverse interests. I hope that my readers relate personal meaning from my writings based on their own life experiences and unique perspectives." In 2008 Shell, a work of Foster's, was published in the Expressions Poetry Anthology. Foster contributed to the The Diary of an Angel international writing project. Additionally, in 2010 she had prose pieces published in Ethereal Erotica. 



Captured Silhouettes 

"In Captured Silhouettes, Stacy praises nature and pure love; she talks about existence and death, dreams and motherhood, and proclaims what she cherishes the most. She will foster qualities held captive in the seemingly featureless space within the outline of a silhouette. She will place questions into the reader's mind until the reader becomes the hero of her captive narrative. 'My story continues breathing day by day, but have I positively impacted reality in any way? Motherhood was the gift that I cherished the most; am I now done with milestones after being the host? ... ' And when the mind is troubled and questions, Stacy carefully conveys it to a fair end, an epic end for a short prose... 'Quietness muffles hardened voices, a gesture of calming capturing silhouettes in a concentration of existing; still.'" (>) order through Amazon

Halkios, Author, The Diary of an Angel


Quill's Metamorphosis  

"Rich, energetic sonic effects and aural sensitivities drive the content of the prose poems created by author Stacy A. Foster and presented in this compilation, Quill’s Metamorphosis. The works emphasize Foster’s love of language and words. The selection “Belly Dancing” highlights the music-like quality of her poems, “Boneless bodies float through the air, waving like / rippled water in an open sea, beckoning to you and me, / like frozen breath in time, dancing to an unheard rhyme, hypnotized by addictive lines …” “Sky Swallows” also showcases Foster’s mastery of words and imagery. “Grayscale smoking mountains in the sky overwhelm / so puffy and high, dancing around us in slow motion / rings, spinning winds whistle and sing, until we all fall / down, locked deeply in Mother Earth's arms, a blanket / of soil and feet bound …” Quill’s Metamorphosis focuses on a variety of experiences, using well-known images such as Heaven, Hell, angels, and Mother Nature to create a voice that offers stories from a particular life, but reflects the universal emotions of self-doubt, love, and relationships."


expressions etheral erotica Quill's Metamorphosis captured silhouttes
Expressions Ethereal Erotica Quill's Metamorphosis Captured Silhouettes


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