Message from Julian


My name is Julian Daffern, some call me Daffy. I sometimes write pomes. Pomes are like poems in lots of ways and they are different in others. They sound and read and look like poems but they are not constructed or crafted. They begin as a niggle in the back of my head with no concept, just a feeling and they lurk somewhere until they are ready. Once they feel they want to come out the niggle becomes a bigger niggle that tells me I need to find the first line. That is not always easy but once found the rest of the pome follows, as if I am following a path that the pome planned for itself. They are not for an audience, they are not for me, they are for themselves.
I have seen this project grow for years since my friend Halkios first birthed the idea, for years over the internet and for a lot of this year in my own house. I have seen his dedication and his labour pains and his determination to see it through and I admire him for all of it. I wish this original concept all of the success that it deserves.


Poems of Julian Daffern

(coming soon with a variety of collection of poetry)



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