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I am of Native American decent and a member of the Sioux Nation. I was born and raised in the State of Washington and could fill volumes about my life, but for now this will serve as an overview of my artistic life. Over the years I have used many pseudonyms, Hearts Gone Wild, Rae, and Scarlet Whispers. I have been writing poetry for most of my life as a form of self-expression and as a way to sort through my feelings. Having been abused physically and mentally by my first husband, poetry gave me a way to heal from the emotional scars and as such most of writings were dark in nature. A friend introduced me to poetry sites on the Internet and I began to share my poetry with others. 


In time I became more comfortable sharing my work and thanks to the encouragement from others, I published my first book, Inner Flames. Later I would publish two more books, Inner Flames, a Solemn Note and Inner Flames, Cries from the Heart. Al three of the books were published under my middle name Rae. I have created and moderated several poetry forums over the years and have them to thank for meeting the man of my dreams, my husband, Ron Howard.

The Diary of an Angel

During the time the diary was with me, I experienced many emotions as I read through all the pages of its many talented artist.  Feeling tears of joy upon my cheeks, as I read their many words put to ink upon the beautiful pages of this much talented book.  I will always cherish this experience and hold it forever tightly in my heart.

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Her Poem About Love...


A Butterfly's Kiss by Tina Howard


Flutters Of Softness

Kissed passions

Tickling gently

A butterfly kiss

Upon my lips

Tender caress

Feeling repressed

Explode from deep

Emotions tense

Warm sensual rain

Magical heat of rays

Shimmers of love

Glistening bright

Blinding me

This very night

Here to stay

A love cherished

Every day

You are my soul

In me you remain

Nightly wish

A butterfly kiss

Upon my lips

Shared by two

United tides

Two hearts combine

Forever one

Me and you

Dreams to be shared

Each night

A butterfly kiss


© All rights reserved to the  poetry and writings by Tina Howard aka Hearts Gone Wild




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