Chapter II

" When you are up to your waist in alligators,

it is often difficult to remember your original intention was to drain the swamp"

Dj Myke


Dj Myke a poet received the Diary of an Angel by post from Cheryl Ann Darr aka Lady ~M ~, on the 3rd of September, 2008 in Yuma, Tennessee U.S.A. He placed his Memories and Dreams in the Diary, three poems Smile Catcher, Black Cat In The White Snow and Rose Of My Heart and sent it by post on the 7th of September, 2008 to Maryann Corrigan aka Why I Otter, Maryland U.S.A. Halkios added a stanza to his diary pages from the collaborative poem Everlong PRT No. 282, four years after, when four members of the Poets Round Table (see: Artistic Siblings) (Dj Myke's weekly event) met for a first time in person in a gathering in London. See : MilestonesHis chapter is Chapter II (2nd ). The passage The Boombox leads to Room 702 of The Seventh Floor Red of the City of Gold, which he watches over. His color is many and he received a natural peacock quill from Halkios. He saw again the Diary when The Messengers Mary and Francis Young visited him in his home in Yuma with the Thunderbuss on the 2oth of June of 2010. As a Tribute to Dj Myke contribution to the online community of poets four pages of PRT's Poetry have been added featuring all those who were selected but never made to write in the Diary. (see: Artistic Siblings)

Moments from the Diary's Passage


Passage: The Boombox

Michael's Door

Michael's Door will give you access to his biography.  Beyond the door below you will find more about the artist and his works and his relation with the project. You can find more about the official campaign of the Diary of an Angel and about the journey in Cyprus called Odoiporiko (Οδοιπορικό) by clicking on Connect and Collaborate, on the left.


(The Boombox - Artwork by Alba)

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