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Message from Lisa

I have lived in California my entire life and, while I do not live near the ocean, it is where I am at the most peace and where my soul always longs to be.  I’ve always dreamed of traveling extensively both throughout the States as well as around the world.  I may not be able to accomplish that dream, but I am blessed in that I do have friends scattered throughout the map.

 The first time I considered myself a “writer,” I was in sixth grade and had just finished handwriting a fifty page story.  Soon after, I discovered poetry.  Over the decades, countless prose and poetry later, I still possess a love of writing.  Through a social networking site, I became part of a close-knit writing community and developed life-long friends in the process (hence those scattered throughout the map).  Through this experience, I was invited to take part in the Diary of Angels.  I spent approximately two weeks with the Diary, and remember sitting in awe as I looked through its pages – marveling at the Customs forms from the countries its traveled.  I held something in my hands that contained the love and incredible talent of the dear friends who had contributed to the Diary before me, feeling their presence in their penmanship and artistry, and curiously read the words of those whom I didn’t know, yet were connected to by this project.  It was an amazing and humbling experience, and I am deeply honored to have been invited to include some of my favorite poems in this Diary.


Lisa's Poem About Love


I'm including a Pantoum I wrote about the way I interpret love - pure and open, two becoming one.


If you love me, then paint me a picture of your soul.

Let me touch your colors until your paint bleeds with mine.

The interpretation of our vision makes us whole

as the places where you end and I begin intertwine.


Let me touch your colors until your paint bleeds with mine:

a canvas layered with discovery by our fingertips.

As the places where you end and I begin intertwine,

I realize you were the one all along, and my heart skips.


A canvas layered with discovery by our fingertips

whispers of eternal promises waiting for us to unfold.

I realize you were the one all along, and my heart skips;

everything I could ever need, is nestled within your hold.


Whispers of eternal promises waiting for us to unfold:

the interpretation of our vision makes us whole.

Everything I could ever need, is nestled within your hold.

If you love me, then paint me a picture of your soul.


Tribute to Dahlia from Halkios

We also collaborated writing together a story, the romance between a Red Angel and a Daisie. I produced a Halkoem with two of our poems Fall and Sun 

Collaboration "Sunflower Fields"






Photography by Halkios

(more at Sunflower Fields | HALKOGRAPHY 2008  in Flickr)


Video and Videoart by Halkios

(more at Sunflower Fields in Youtube)


Model Yannis


Music from the Impressionists

Eric's Satie

"3rd Gymnopedie"


A Windham Hill Production

with Alex de Grassi and Paul McCandless




Sunflower fields by Dahlia & Halkios


Sunflower fields


Fields of never ending beauty

Placed in, nowhere in time

But in space;

Bathed in eternal orange light

Stroked by breezes of effervescent bright

Flower fields, sun’s reels, under the soft dawn’s caress

Waving in Red and yellow, made the amber seeds to collapse

Unfurled, they revealed a beautiful fairy

Blue fallen stars’ dust tale sprinkled throughout her hair, White wings,

Sparkling, underneath a vibrant yellow halo

Her name was Daisie




As they shake, they sound; 

They make noises like a lion,

He makes them smile, and they bring rainbows

They burst into colors, and play a song with seven notes

And as they slid down, those 

They say in words profound

"Love is not a secret but the secret is to love..."




Liquefied emotions through tears drop in yellow rain

The color of sky, grey blue, turned turquoise

His heartbeat vibrating turmoil steered ether,

And his heart, deep scarlet red, a flaming rose

Heated his chest and evaporated in sweat

Sighed made a Sound that troubled the wind

And heaved the clouds

So that he would gaze

Through the rainbow’s curtain

Her lingering call

And she stretches her hands towards him, 

His wings fiery red formed a heart... 

And he with trembling hands wide open, 

Started to burn; falling for her

His heart which was grand 

Turned from red hues to amber, 

And the heat that he felt, lifted his soul

As both came to be, pure Love ever after

He glows, he sings; "Love is not a secret but the secret is to love..."


He bows to the beautiful fairy; he met, in the garden of the sun, 

The fairy whose name was Daisy, enamor, in love.

And tells her:

“You see, the garden is you, your spiritual world, 

And this sole flower is you, your aspect in this little garden.

A fairy called Daisy, in the Garden of the Sun


Dahlia, a Sunflower and a Daisy;

Soul, Spirit and Body” 

Altogether One…


She said:

” I love the way you see things;Thank you for spending the evening with me. I don't think I would have made it to the New Year's; without you, in ways, that kept me awake” 

And she heard him saying:

 “I believe the reason we are here together it’s because our spiritual worlds are so great that they meet no boundaries of space; far or less, they also exist in time; I really hope you entered the year with good emotion”, 

“I am trying” he replied.

She took then, a sunflower from the fields and inside and on the flower’s seed case she placed their memory and kissed the petals. The petals then fold and embraced the memory, forever sealed, forever safe.


Their Love would remain locked in the sunflower.

They would breathe together and forever, its scent. 

They would be forever safe, inside, like all the rest,

 in the Sunflower Field, Dahlia's Sun Garden...



~ FALL ~ 



with me

into Fall.

Live the season

through a child's eyes:

Raking up leaf piles

only to jump into them.

Stroll with me in the afternoon

and find joy in the most simple things.

Or, live the season through a lover's eyes:

Build me a fire as the day closes.

Kneel before it, share the heat with me.

No need for that hot cocoa now.

As it gets warmer, I melt

from the heat of your gaze.

The fire dances.

We keep tempo


Fall with





~ Sun~


I am 10 storms under

10 rainbows up

I am an angel, 

a drop of the sun's tears

I am the one

who seeks the warmth

in your arms


I am falling from above

descending in Love

to receive your touch

that will dry my tears


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