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by Alba Hernández Abrego aka Venus Daughter

Message from Ruggi

Ruggi is a thirty-something Dutchman who writes short fiction and poems just for the fun of it. Slices of life and ponderings about the world and the people around us, alternated with poems about historical figures and odd stories with a bit of a twist. Or all of those mixed up. In his mind, you can find him out on the streets of Paris, sharing a glass of red with his red bereted muse, in the Wyoming woods spotting silver moose, or maybe in the kingdom of Burandwa, writing propaganda for King Lezwihi. In the past, Halkios and Ruggi have worked together on the poetic Collaboration "Ik and Tu". Through the Diary of an Angel, their writing will be connected again. 

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His poem about Love

 " A Word of Love" 

A Word of Love

Why is it hard to put into feelings

the words that were written

so loud so often by just a few

  Too many I write words to you

scarcely able to feel them

yet you return them to me

and look like you know

yes you know

by Ruggi


© All rights reserved to the photography, poetry and writings by Rutger Siskens aka Ruggi



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