ft. Satie, Uttal

Stars Gazing

It's just you and I together, snuggled outdoors late at night

Looking up I wonder "what kind of future might we invite?

" Follow my gaze up to the sky, and tell me what you see.

Tell me what is written in the stars for you and me.

  Do you see the constellation of Orion up above?

Does the image of a hunter suggest a search for my true love?

Do you see the holy cross which is the Crux of all my schemes?

Do you identify with Leo as the lion of my dreams?

  It's just you and I together, shining through the clouds early this morn, so calm; so bright

gazing down those who wander "what kind of future we provide?"

Stepping down through the rainbow, we hear them telling stories of Love, 

yearning; for, another night gazing at the Stars; singing of you and me, is coming.

The sign and wonder baffling the very clouds in the vaulted skies,

hushing the blind force of solar winds into stilled cries, 

is that we are the twin stars of Gemini chiming in crystal clear resonance suspended satellites,

a hover, a lingering whisper on Earth's countenance.

[recorded on myspace in the Angel's Nest blog on 16 May 2008 Stars Gazing] poem


Poets Round Table no. 64 

with Star gazers

DahliaScotorum, Halkios, EusthaciaDj Myke


[recorded on myspace in The Angel's Nest blog on 18 May 2008  Stars Gazing]

[uploaded by  on May 18, 2008 on youtube in the Angel's Nest page Stars Gazing]

with the Music

for scene I 

by Erik Satie "Gnossienne No 1"


for scene I I

Jai Uttal  "Guru Bramha"

Graphic Art by Gustave Dore

"Ascend to Mars"

and by Alba

"The Poets' Portraits"

by John Flaxman 

"Constellation of Leo"

Photography by Kurt Anderson

"Tracks", "Castles in the Sky"

and Kel Hayner

Kel's Photography

"Light in Heaven"

Constellations Images, courtesy of N.A.S.A.







Halkoem, Video Art by Halkios

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