Happy Endings

Rolling Ohio hills are lively, filled with abounding lush verdant grasses,

Nurturing the deer as they nosh on natures fodder.

Austere eyes gape , as they scamper amongst the tiny evergreen trees.

Wind chimes tinkle with laughter, of summer days gone by.

Outside the windows, it’s as if everything has stood still in time.

Multihued skies fill the horizon. Sugar coated flavor now absent.

Memories of past years haunt me, but the new love of family, envelopes me.

Inside this home away from home , lay weary bones and restless hearts.

Children and grandchildren yearn for a peaceful ending for their loved one.

The immense love of caregivers, surround all of the loved ones.

Each moment suspended in time, connecting and adjoining hearts.

Peaceful surroundings and comforting touches encase my mother’s heart.

Compassionate voices and patience, encircling her tiny,  frail body.

I could desire no better ending to her last days.                    

Knowing she is loved, holding her hand and quieting her anxious moments.

Children and grandchildren are near, her whole life has such value and meaning.

Unselfishness is so very hard. Her comfort is always the most important thing to all of us.

Mercy and kindness shelter her soul. She is now in God’s, eternal loving arms.


Maryann Corrigan 1.1.2012 © Copyright Rest in Peace ~ Evelyn Jean Kimmel


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