The Birth of Pan


I have always been interested in the character of the great Greek God Pan, perhaps it is my vision of him having an infinity with nature. I decided to paint a picture of Pan at the very start, at the birth of the character, when Pan met Syrinx the water nymph whom tried to escape Pan's romantic advances, she ran to her sisters who changed her into a reed to hide her. As he could not tell which reed she was he picked seven pieces and made a musical instrument, he never went anywhere without it due to his infatuation with the nymph. This romantic tale was what inspired me to draw this design, the hole in the center of the egg like shape is meant to be his missing heart and the pipe that replaces it is Syrinx herself, the true reed that he searched for. The flute is a old flute example that i observed in the local library in Hereford. I decided to place this character in an abyss meant to be the beginning of the world when nothing was, Pan giving off a light making the abyss seem lighter in it's darkness, as he did in his stories with his jolly nature and his entertaining.

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