Chapter X


" Poems are my love"



Room 710


Passage: Noble Child  孝子



Takako Itoh received the Diary of an Angel from Aurora Narvaez on the 17th of June, 2009 in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. She placed her Memories and Dreams in the Diary, Ubiquitous Love, a drawing by Mariko and Eriko (her daughters), and an Origami and sent it to the next Angel, the musician Eric Bjarnason Martin in Barrie, Canada. Her chapter is Chapter X (10th ). The passage孝子Noble Child leads to room 710 of the seventh floor "Red" of the City of Gold, which she watches over. Her color is blue, so she received a blue ostrich quill from Aurora Narvaez. 


Opening the Door

Takako's Door will give you access to her biography and it will open when the Diary reaches Yialousa (Greek: Γιαλουσα [Greek : Αιγιαλούσα= by the beach} Turkish: Yeni Erenköy). Beyond the door below you will find more about the artist and her works and her relation with the project. You can find more about the official campaign of the Diary of an Angel and about the journey in Cyprus called Odoiporiko (Οδοιπορικό) by clicking on Connect and Collaborate, on the left.


Takako's Door


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